Summer Concert Schedule

August 3rd: John Fritsch 1 pm

          Joe Lamay 2 pm 

          Brian Mulligan 3 pm

          Young Other 5 pm

August 7th: Blues Masters 5 pm

August 10th: Roscoe’s Basement 12 pm

          Rhythm & Groove 1:30 pm

          Deja Vu 2:30 pm

August 14th: Side Doors 5 pm

August 21st: Franklin Mint 5 pm

August 24th: Haunted Gypsy 12 pm

          Feedback 2 pm

          Amongst the Monks 4 pm

August 31st: Students of Bach to Rock 1 pm

September 7th: Deja Vu 3 pm

September 14th: Barry DiGreggorio 3 pm