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I-Square is proud to be GREEN 


Our goal is to have the largest concentration of Green Technologies within the area for visitors and the community to be exposed to and learn more about the importance of Alternative Energy including local school educational partnerships, school trips and group tours.

I-Square’s green goals will include:

–     Rooftop Gardens

–     Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

–     Pervious Sidewalks

–     Storm Water Management to Reduce Runoff

–     Rain Harvesting and Recycling for Landscaping

–     Solar Alternative Energy Creation Onsite


Our first phase of I-Square’s Green Technologies:

Together with Larsen Engineers, we applied for and received a NYS Grant from the Environmental Facilities Corporation.  This grant will allow us to capture and store rainwater for later use in three underground tanks.  Traditionally storm water is carried through the storm system where it carries debris, contaminates and pollutants along the way and dumps onto Durand Eastman Beach.  This contributes to the beach closures throughout the season.

This grant also allows us to have over 18,000 sq. ft. of pervious concrete sidewalks.  The rainwater that lands on the previous material immediately drains underground vs. traveling through the storm water system.  Watch this video on how our sidewalks work http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooPEWGjR4Nc

Additionally, on and around our 1st building, we will have a 1,765 sq. ft. Green Roof and Rain Gardens where the rainwater is collected or absorbed by the vegetation.  This will include space for visitors to sit and relax while enjoying something to eat or drink from the local merchants.

This is just the beginning and we plan to expand our Green Technologies as the development progresses.


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